Neptune Vapora Bathtub

Comes in a variety of sizes: 36"x 60", 36"x 66", 36"x 72". Comes in white acrylic finish. Additional costs for colored outside as well.

Aquabrass #B1021 Bali Bathtub

Dimensions of 65 1/2"x 32 5/8". Comes in a high resistant glossy white finish and comes with built in overflow.

Neptune Believe #3666 Bathtub

Neptune Believe freestanding bathtub. Variety of sizes: 36"x 66" and 36"x 72". Comes with armrests and double back supports.

Aquabrass - Caicos

Stone/resin freestanding tub, built in over flow hole, comes with pop up drain  67"x 33.5"   

Victoria & Albert #WES-N-SW

Victoria and Albert volcanic limestone/resin freestanding tub, 60”x31". Clawfoot freestanding bathtub.

Valley Acrylic #PROSK skirted tub

Valley Acrylic #PROSK skirted tub, 60”x32”.  

Valley Acrylic #STARK6032SK skirted tub

Valley Acrylic #STARK6032SK skirted tub, 60”x32”, comes with a plain skirt.    

Neptune Wind #W160

Neptune Wind #W160: acrylic skirted corner tub, 60”x36”, plus added drain.  

Aquabrass Bora #B0001

Aquabrass stone/resin freestanding tub, 63”x28”


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