Mary Ann Gill

Mary Ann Gill

Marketing, Sales

I have been involved in the world of plumbing since I was 22. That’s 31 years ago as of today. It has been the most amazing journey. I have learned so much about the technical developments and advancements in all things plumbing. I have also seen many fads come and go.

I try to let the client choose what’s best for them by reinforcing them to stay as close to the classics as possible. Chrome faucets, white fixtures and clean lines. Nothing too unusual because to change plumbing fixtures can be very costly, compared to just needing a gallon of paint.

We are totally upfront with our clients and do our best to give them the best advice for their situation. We have been at the same location now for over 26 years and have built a solid reputation selling to the public at excellent wholesale levels.

We welcome anyone doing any size project to drop in for a free quote. We look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Amanda Baumann

Amanda Baumann

Showroom Coordinator, Sales

I have been with Baths By Design for over 15 years now. I love seeing a company that is family owned and operated flourish over the years. I’m very proud to be part of their success.

It’s fascinating to see what is evolving each and every day in the plumbing world. My drive is in helping my clients with their choices and guiding them through the process of building or renovating, or even just choosing one item.

I’m proud of all the clients that I have had over the years, and feel such a unique closeness to all of them! That is what makes me truly the most excited, is seeing all of them so happy in the end.

Derek Kidd

Derek Kidd

Purchaser, Sales

I emigrated from Edinburgh Scotland to Kelowna BC in 2000. I have worked at Baths by Design for over 15 years. I love to meet people from different cultures, and also find it very pleasing when customers come back happy with what you have sold them, and therefore, go on to recommend Baths by Design to their family and friends.

Ron Gill

Ron Gill

Shower Door Specialist, Sales

Ron has been with Baths by Design for over 26 years, and has considerable knowledge of all aspects of plumbing fixtures and bathroom design.  He is also very familiar with the technical workings of most plumbing valves and fixtures.  Ron is also in charge of the custom glass division, which specializes in frameless shower glass, mirrors, and colored glass kitchen and bath backsplashes.


Jade Cuddihy

Sales/Online Marketing

Jade has been working with Baths by Design for over two years now. She has added a fresh perspective to our company and really help with the social media aspects of the business. Jade really enjoys working with clients and helping them face any renovation or new build.

Melissa Baumann

Melissa Baumann


I have been with Baths by Design for just over 10 years.  I really enjoy being part of such a close, family-operated team. It’s exciting to see all the new, innovative products emerging, and to assist new and existing clients during their build or renovation.

Karla Gill

Karla Gill

Head Installer

I started working here in September of 2009 as an assistant to the glass installer.  With lots of dedication and training, I took on the roll as the main installer.  I absolutely love my job!  It’s so rewarding having a part in making bathrooms and homes beautiful.  I also enjoy coming up with new ideas and ways to make custom glass enclosures.

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